Everything You Need to Know About Racing Drones

03 May

Drone racing is an interesting new sport that has become in many parts of the world. The number of people joining the sport is steadily increasing by the day and the sport has evolved and has now been recognized as a professional sport. There are a number of drone racing competitions being held worldwide. The sport constitutes of a camera being mounted on a drone and the drone is controlled remotely with the camera relaying the feedback view to the racer. The racer is able to race with a first- person- view from goggles or with an LCD display on the controller. Here is what you need to know about drone racing.

Most of the racing quadcopter parts are special purpose drones that are different from camera drones. These quadcopters are fully designed to compete in racing events. Racing drones is a rigid sport and the quadcopters are made from durable materials unlike contemporary drones. The main material is carbon fiber. The drones also have open body frames that enable repairs and upgrades to be made easily. Racing drones also come in various sizes. The size affects the speed of the drone. Racing drones are generally faster than other commercial drones.

Before purchasing Armattan Rooster FPV Frame racing drone, you need to understand the transmission frequency that the drone uses. Most of the racing drones operate on a 5.8Ghz analogue frequency. With the frequency communication, your transmitter and receiver should be on the same frequency channel. You need to have video transmission equipment that is compatible with your receivers, goggles and monitors. For drone racers, your transmitter should be able to join a Race band frequency. A Race band frequency allows up to six racers with no signal degradation.

When selecting racing drone, you have the choice of either assembling one from scratch or buying a ready- to - fly drone. Making a drone is a cheaper than buying a ready made one. The process of making one however requires high skill level and expertise. Homemade drones can well be customized to fit a racer's specific racing style. Ready made drones are expensive but guarantee less chance of technical failure. This is because they are well tested before distribution. There are a number of options available when buying a ready to fly drone. Know more about drones at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quadcopter.


The camera on your racing drone is a very crucial element. You need to have a clear vision of where you are going while racing. The most expensive camera is not the absolute guarantee of good picture quality. You should buy a camera with a high definition quality that can relay quality pictures effectively.

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